BNL has a fully-fledged macadamia processing factory, and it maintains a fleet of vehicles for transporting produce from the farmers and produce aggregators and also for farmer advisory services .


BNL principally processes and exports macadamia nuts. Macadamia is an evergreen tree native of Australia. It produces edible nuts whose quality is mainly judged by its oil content. Its oil is unsaturated and is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Macadamia nuts have a hard seed coat enclosed in a green husk that splits open as the nut matures. The Macadamia nut is considered a prime edible nut because of its delicate taste and numerous health benefits. 


BNL observes strict adherence to quality standards at all stages of processing. Control measures include regular inspections throughout the production process and occasional testing or sampling of nuts. BNL also works closely with relevant government and private sector agencies to enhance quality control. The company has developed a well-defined quality assurance programme that specifies the systematic procedures to be carried out in the entire process, from growing to packaging to distribution.BNL has a robust food safety management system having attained FSSC 22000 and BRC standards certification.